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Papers to be presented at the conference will be selected based on submitted abstracts. The abstract (approximately 500 words) should clearly outline the paper’s major elements of interest and its originality.

Papers will be selected based on:

  • Relevance to the scope of the Conference

  • Quality of the content

  • Originality of the content


Abstracts must be submitted by

 22 December 2022 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

Authors are invited to submit an abstract on-line at:

Student E-posters
To encourage the participation of students to the conference, we are introducing the concept of e-poster, as pre-recorded video of papers, which will be accessible remotely on-demand by all registered participants. The papers will be included in the conference proceedings. Abstracts shall be submitted online indicating e-poster as chosen format.

The Authors will be notified of the selection outcome by 26 January 2023.

The language of the conference is English, therefore abstracts and papers must be written or translated in English, however presentations at the conference can be given orally in Japanese with supporting slides in English.

If you have questions about submitting the abstract for the conference, please contact:

​Danielle Krab (English)

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