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Last update: 15/11/2022


For travel and health measures linked to the coronavirus pandemic, we advise you to check, before your departure to Japan, the website of the Ministry of Foreind Affairs of Japan. 

Here you'll find the latest travel advice according to your travel plans. Please note that depending on your country of departure, different measures apply.

Useful websites: 

1. Visa
All foreign visitors desiring to enter Japan must have a valid passport. For up-to-date visa information, please click here

Participants from countries requiring a visa application should request an invitation letter by 1 April the latest


2. Visit Japan Web - QR Code 
Japan has implemented a combined Quarantine (CoVID)/Immigration/Customs Website.   The site allows you to upload all your information (passport, vaccination card, etc.) Once completed, it generates a QR Code. 


With the customs declaration QR code and passport, you can smoothly pass the customs inspection by going through the electronic declaration gate.

3. Quarantine measures & Covid test resultsThe latest updates on quarantine measures and Covid test results after entering Japan is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Visit this website for more information.

4. Japan Airlines, with notice to all passengers entering Japan

When undergoing landing examination during passport control in Japan, please be advised to carry the following documents:

• a valid passport (valid at least for the period of your stay in Japan)
• a fixed-date, confirmed return ticket (E-tickets are also accepted) or onward journey ticket
• relevant documentation concerning your itinerary (i.e. hotel reservations, conference details…) and proof of sufficient funds

5. COVID-19-related information
What to do and where to get help, should you feel unwell during your stay in Japan: 
information in case of illness or injury can be found on the website of the Japanese National Tourism Organisation. 



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