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Osaka is served by two airports. It depends on your flight schedule on which airport you’ll arrive in Japan.  

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is about 37 kilometers (22.5 miles) southwest of downtown Osaka.​

It’s well connected to the city by train (both JR and a private line), limousine buses and taxis.

The best way from KIX to Osaka is the train, followed by the limousine bus, followed by a shared taxi van.

From KIX to Osaka by train:

For travelers without a Japan Rail Pass, the best way between KIX and Osaka is the Nankai Rapit airport express train (Y1130, 45 minutes) to Namba Station, and then a subway or taxi to your final destination.
Another option for travellers without a Japan Rail Pass is the JR Haruka/Icoca card combination deal. This deal gets you one-way or return travel on the JR Haruka airport express train between the KIX and Osaka. More information on the Hurka/Icoca card can be found here.

From KIX to Osaka by taxi:
You can take a regular taxi from KIX into Osaka, but be warned that it will cost at least the equivalent to US$100. More information can be found here


Itami Airport is about 11 kilometers or 6.5 miles north of central Osaka.

The best way between Itami and Osaka is an Osaka Airport Limousine bus (Y640, 30 minutes) or a regular private taxi (about Y5000, 25 minutes to downtown Osaka).

Since Itami is relatively close to central/downtown Osaka, a regular private taxi into town is a reasonable, comfortable, and convenient option. There is a taxi rank outside the arrival’s hall.

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